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ITA Communications has an extensive history in the fleet industry. We have helped fleet management companies and fleet services providers with their marketing. We recognize that in any B2B industry, collaboration with sales is the most effective way to go to market. We want to drive business. If we can heighten sales results, we simultaneously increase awareness and support branding. The more effective we are in reaching our target fleet audiences ? fleet managers, C-level, risk managers, and other stakeholders, the more profitable our customers can become.

Our tools include traditional promotion ? advertising, collateral, media relations ? combined with digital strategies ? content marketing, lead-gen and CRM initiatives. The key to success for any fleet services provider is to align service solution value with user needs. We offer marketing and communications research, planning, and execution that ensures the best results.

Fleet operations communication: We also provide ?marketing communications? strategy development and implementation for fleets in need of winning over drivers and decentralized fleet administrators!

A customized blend of e-communications, promotion, video, and managerial messaging can help policy adherence, build enthusiasm, and create advocates. To learn more, please complete the following CONTACT form, and we?ll get back to you within one business day. Thank you for your interest!

Fleet Driver Marketing

ITA Communications is pleased to address a significant challenge for all fleet managers: how to promote the fleet program to THEIR most important customers: DRIVERS! The FMCs do a great job with obligatory operational communications, but they offer nothing in the way of marketing-driven communications that will engage drivers on a regular basis to win advocates for the program rather than just complying with the program.

The ITA Communications offers a multi-faceted program that begins by measuring perceptions and establishing awareness and acceptance baselines. It then incorporates a customized, multi-channel marketing campaign designed to win hearts as well as minds.

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