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Traditional marketing contributes to all stages of the sales funnel.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing both have a place in today?s marketing plans. In fact, an integrated approach is the best way to deliver maximum ROI. Digital tactics are in vogue and receive the lion?s share of digital, print, video coverage, but overlooking traditional channels is short-sighted.??

What is Traditional Marketing?
Traditional marketing comprises promotional activities or print or broadcast advertising. Billboards, print advertisements, TV commercials, newspaper ads, events, radio, and telemarketing are all traditional media. As David Bell, author of?Location is (Still) Everything, says: ?It?s just pure scale. There are only so many people you can reach online, but there?s a massive segment of people who are still shopping offline, and you want to be able to address that market.?

The Benefits of Traditional Marketing
As a study by the University of Pennsylvania?s Wharton School summarized: ?In our easily-distracted culture, it can be easy to fixate on methods that get instant results. While digital marketing reaches a wider audience faster, traditional marketing has its notable advantages.? Here are some that the school listed:

1. Traditional marketing aids in B2B relationship building
Though digital media has disrupted the way most Americans consume information, traditional marketing is particularly effective at relationship building ? the key to B2B sales success. Event programs, conference speaking opportunities, event sponsorship branding, and exhibits ? even at virtual events — ?are examples of traditional marketing that are especially effective in reaching a specific audience.

2. Proven success rate
If traditional marketing didn?t get results, companies wouldn?t ante up to exhibit or to speak at conferences. They wouldn?t bother to create customer advisory boards, educational seminar/webinars, and telemarketing/tele-sales remain effective tools to grow business and strengthen relationships.

3. Targeting advantage
Event marketing has advantages over digital in any micro-targeted promotional effort. According to Bizzabo, 41% of marketers believe that events are the single-most effective channel over digital advertising, email, and content marketing. Additionally, B2B businesses can monitor and determine results during and immediately after an event.

4. Sales support
While digital lead generation activities are growing and much appreciated by sales reps, traditional marketing activities have the advantage of providing an immediate entr?e for face-to-face relationship building. Digital may increase TOF (top-of-funnel) activity, but when it takes weeks, months, even years for a B2B sale, traditional marketing strategies support MOF (middle-of-funnel) and BOF (bottom-of-funnel) sales effort that helps a sales rep close the deal.

If your business has neglected traditional marketing in the rush to support digital marketing strategies, it may be time for a reset of the marketing mix.? ITA Communications specializes in integrated marketing plans and offers a marketing audit to identify hidden opportunities to drive sales.